"The path to one’s strength, pride, integrity and wisdom often starts with a vision as a child. Our children may be granted visions in many ways. Often it is through a teacher with a pure heart."
Inspiring Tomorrow’s American Indian Health Providers
Our Mission: "To inspire and empower underserved Native American children and young adults with medical knowledge and opportunities."
Mark Johnson

Mark graduated from Northeastern University in 2017, where he studied behavioral neuroscience and philosophy. He currently works at McLean Hospital as a research assistant, conducting investigations into developmental neurobiology, and as a mental health specialist, providing inpatient level care to survivors of trauma.

His involvement with Asniya began in 2018, when he began working at McLean Hospital with Asniya’s founder, Dr. Miles Cunningham. Since then, he has played an active role in submitting numerous grants, and he is now focused on implementing innovative Asniya programs.

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