Inspiring Tomorrow’s American Indian Health Providers
Our Mission: "Building healthier communities by bringing medical knowledge and opportunity to underserved American Indian children and young adults."

Help Asniya improve health outcomes for American Indian communities.
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  • Guiding towards better health for American Indian communities

    The curriculum will include units on basic medicine and the connection between lifestyle choices and chronic diseases, thus leading to better health outcomes for them and their communities.
  • Mentoring to support students interested in health science careers

    Adult mentors in the medical field will guide and support each student with a serious interest in the health sciences to develop and implement a pathway to a career.
  • Developing future health professionals for long-term health improvements

    Students will return to the reservation as health science professionals and improve the health outcomes for their community.
  • Increasing cultural competency of current medical student interns

    Medical student interns will gain insight into different cultures, especially those having deficiencies in health care, and will leave with an informed perspective on American Indian culture, education, and healthcare and strong ties to the community.
  • Steering more Native American youth towards health science careers

    Asniya will develop and implement a culturally relevant health science curriculum that will excite and motivate young American Indians and help propel them toward careers in the health sciences.
  • Reaching American Indian youth at just the right time

    American Indian youth will be exposed to crucial information and options for health science careers at an age when intervention is most likely to inspire and break the cycle of extreme health disparities.
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KnowledgeEducation is a key factor in improving American Indians’ health outcomes and increasing student motivation to pursue careers in the health sciences. Yet the data reveal that the science education received by most American Indian children is not yielding academic achievement or sparking an interest in health science career options. In order to help change that, Asniya is poised to launch Health Through Knowledge, which will be piloted at Red Cloud Indian School.

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ScienceAmerican Indians are also the single most underrepresented minority in the field of medicine, comprising 1.7% of the total United States population but only 0.05% of our nation’s physicians. Other health care professions, such as nursing, dentistry, and pharmacology, demonstrate a comparable disparity. There are many factors that contribute to this imbalance, deeply rooted in decades of racial inequities and marginalization.

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HealthHealth problems amongst American Indians are disproportionately higher than the rest of the general population. This disparity contributes to inhibiting economic, educational, and social development. The statistics are shocking. Many American Indians suffer and ultimately die from preventable diseases at alarmingly higher rates. Mental health is no different, with many American Indians disproportionately burdened by substance abuse and mental health issues.

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